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Starting a new passion – GOLF!

golf-new-passionOkay ladies and gents. I have some big news!

Not really, but I do have a new passion. Golf. Yes you heard me right. The guy that loves adventure travel and trekking has taken up the most mundane sport, hitting a little white around a huge field (ahem… course!) trying to get it into a ting hole.

But hear me out.

I tried playing golf about 20 years ago and completely hated it. Not only could I not get the ball off the ground, there were times that I couldn’t even make contact.

All that changed last week when I went to the driving range with a mate for the sole purpose of having a laugh. I should say that this mate is a rather good golfer (he plays off a 5 handicap, which at the time I thought was a bad thing, but apparently anything under 10 is good, and 5 and below is amazing).

Long and short of it is that we spent a few hours hitting balls and drinking beer, and with his close instruction I actually started making decent impact. Okay, I’m no Tiger Woods, but according to him I have a natural swing and my ball striking is really good for a beginner.

After the range I didn’t really think too much about the experience, but a couple of days later I felt a craving. I need to feel plastic hitting steel and watching a white bullet disappear into the distance. I gave my mate a call and we met up at the range again that evening.

This time I got 100 beginner golf balls for myself and started hitting. Whack! Thwack! Whack!

It was AMAZING! Super enjoyable.

Suffice to say I am hooked!

In fact I have already bought myself a driver, compliments of the reviews from Golf Assessor and I am looking at signing up to a public golf course in my area. I really need to get out onto a course and experience the real thing first hand.

I will be posting about my golf exploits here so look out for them!