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Sizing the Golf Ball Market

golf-balls-beginnersThe golf ball market is a massive industry. I mean think about it. Every single round you play you use a golf ball and most people start their round with a new ball. Then take into account how many of us actually go and lose balls throughout the round either in the bush or water and cannot retrieve it. The beginner probably loses about 6 balls every round too. I am actually going to do some research into the golf ball industry and see what sort of numbers are involved here. Must be trillions of $ worth and the leaders in golf balls are both Titleist and Srixon. By far.

I used to play golf for a living, albeit poorly and when playing in European Tour events every player (whether contracted or not) is given at least 3 dozen Titleist ProV1’s to use along with gloves and caps etc. I mean 36 balls you’re given to play 72 holes with (or 36 for some who miss the cut). It’s crazy! That alone is $150 worth of balls for every player in a field. Normally the field is 156 players so that takes the total to $23 400 for one event! Now bear in mind there at least 45 tour events throughout the year taking that total to $1 053 000 for the year. JUST on golf balls and JUST on the European Tour. Incredible.

Move to the PGA Tour and more importantly majors and suddenly players will probably be getting 5 or 6 dozen balls per player. Then take into account brand new Titleist ProV 1 golf balls that each player can use on the driving range and around the practice greens and you’ve got 10’s of 1000’s. Imagine if a tour professional had to revolt and say “no ways, I am going to use a Pinnacle golf from here on”. I wonder how many beginners would love that and possibly buy more of them because one of their favorite players is actually using one!

I remember back in the day golf balls used to cost next to nothing and now it’s just surged almost out of control. Just madness

Well there is good news, most golf balls don’t cost that especially if you’re just starting the game of golf. Have a look at this review from Golf Assessor and find out the best golf balls for you as a beginner. Some quality offerings available for roughly $2 per ball, peanuts!