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Go Green Ideas Made Simple

go-green-ideasSo you are looking to improve your environmental credentials as an organisation but need some useful and practical go green ideas to get your started.

Well you have come to the right place.

In this article I have outline ten go green ideas that are super affordable and will make sure that they help reduce your carbon footprint whilst saving you money on energy and resources.

Don’t believe me?

Well check them out.

10. Implement a recycling scheme that doesn’t just address paper recycling but goes after the whole waste chain. Yip, your recycling scheme should include cardboard, ink cartridges, CDs, batteries, glass, plastics and compostables.

9. Whilst you at it with your recycling why don’t you invest in a waste to energy incineration service for your residual waste.

8. Staying on the recycling scheme, to ensure high levels of adoption in your organisation it is important that you remove those tempting personal bins and provide central recycling facilities that have segregated compartments for waste.

7. Moving onto lighting you should check that your office space is not overlit, most are. Find places that are super bright and delamp some bulbs. An immediate saving with no cost!

6. Identify lights that are inefficient and then research alternative energy efficient bulbs that you can trial as a replacement. A good example is replacing 50W halogens with 35W alternatives

5. Run a switch off campaign to get staff to switch off lights and computers that are left on during the evenings and weekends

4. Install automatic shutdown plugs that turn off dormant equipment or idle computers / printers. Super cheap to buy with big savings

3. Invest in a green web hosting service by switching your current supplier to a green energy web hosting company

2. Turn off your AC on days where natural ventilation in the office is more than sufficient. This saves energy, money and will make the office a more comfortable and productive place to work.

1. Invest in carbon offset to neutralise any emissions in your carbon footprint that you cannot reduce with the actions above.

I hope you have found at least one go green idea here. If not click here for further go green ideas.