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Looking for a green web hosting company – here the facts!

best-green-web-hosting-5Going green at work can be hard work. Once you have nailed the simple and straightforward initiatives like recycling and managed to optimise your energy efficiency, it casn be hard to find new and exciting initiatives to tackle.

There is one initiative that is often overlooked though – green web hosting.

Most companies nowadays have a website. For some companies like ecommerce firms their website is the central and core feature of their business. All websites need to be hosted somewhere and most companies use a hosting provider to provide this service.

The trouble is that hosting is a very energy intensive service. Hosting companies operate massive data centres which requires loads of electricity to run and keep cool – the latter is particularly important as a host server is susceptible to overheating which cause all manner of troubles including downtime for your website.

Green web hosting companies are much like traditional hosting forms in that they purchase normal grid electricity to power their hosting operation. However, one they have purchased this energy they get a third party to calculate and verify how much energy they use. They then go to the renewable market to purchase renewable energy certificates (RECs) that are used to offset their energy consumption. The best green web hosting companies purchase at least 100% renewable energy certificates to offset their energy consumption. Some purchase as much as 300%!!!

Why is this good for a company like yours.

Well, firstly you can use the carbon neutral purchase to reduce your indirect carbon emissions. In effect you are reducing your carbon footprint!

Secondly you can use the initiative to demonstrate your green credentials to customers, prospects and staff. Many green web hosting companies provide their customers with nifty green marketing tags and labels that can be displayed prominently on your website – great marketing evidence to promote your green story.

So what is stopping you?

Switching to a green web hosting company is really simple and cost neutral as you are already paying for traditional hosting services.

If you are interested in seeing some of the best green web hosting companies have a look at this article with provides detailed green web hosting reviews and recommendations.