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Finding The Right Beginner and Intermediate Golf Clubs

golf-beginner-setsLast year I started playing golf for the first time. I wrote about how I had fallen in love with the game and was aiming to become a decent player.

Alas, life and work has gotten in the way, but I have still managed to improve my game and ball striking quite considerably.

A few weeks ago I purchased my first full set of beginners golf clubs. In this article I will take you through the buying decisions I made and why I chose the set that I have.

As readers of this site who play golf will know, there are 14 clubs in a complete golf set. Most advanced players build their set up using different brands that have different features to suit their game. As a beginner though, it is much easier to just purchased a complete set. Not to mention a lot cheaper too!

The full set that I decided to go with was the Wilson Ultra Golf set (see review here). This set consists of 9 clubs, a cool stand bag and headcovers for the woods.

Starting at the longest club, the Wilson Ultra driver comes with a graphite shaft and a 460cc titanium head. The combination of the light shaft and large head make this driver really easy to hit! In fact even mishits feel pretty good, and still go far! In short I have found the driver to be the most consistent and forgiving driver I have ever used. And it has definitely made a positive impact in my game.

The set comes with one fairway wood, a 3-wood, which has a steel shaft and head. This adds a little more weight to the club, which makes it easier to launch the ball off the fairway.


Replacing the long irons the set comes with a hybrid (basically a club that combines the aerodynamics of a fairway wood with the weight and structure of an iron). This club has been an awesome addition to my game as I really struggle to hit long irons.

The irons range from the 6-iron through to a pitching wedge. All of the irons have a great offset structure and dispersed perimeter weighting, which makes them really easy to hit and increases the sweet spot dramatically. I can honestly say that the Ultra irons are probably the best I have ever used. One downside though is that it would have been great if the Ultra golf set came with a sand wedge. I have decided to buy a separate lob wedge to add to my set and I will also use this as a sand wedge.

Finally the putter is pretty cool. Instead of the standard blade putter that many advanced players use, the Ultra set comes with a mallet putter which I find much easier to align and use.

All in all the Ultra golf set is in my summation a great option for a beginner golfer like myself, and has definitely had a positive affect on my game.

For more information on the set check out this Youtube review!

Sizing the Golf Ball Market

golf-balls-beginnersThe golf ball market is a massive industry. I mean think about it. Every single round you play you use a golf ball and most people start their round with a new ball. Then take into account how many of us actually go and lose balls throughout the round either in the bush or water and cannot retrieve it. The beginner probably loses about 6 balls every round too. I am actually going to do some research into the golf ball industry and see what sort of numbers are involved here. Must be trillions of $ worth and the leaders in golf balls are both Titleist and Srixon. By far.

I used to play golf for a living, albeit poorly and when playing in European Tour events every player (whether contracted or not) is given at least 3 dozen Titleist ProV1’s to use along with gloves and caps etc. I mean 36 balls you’re given to play 72 holes with (or 36 for some who miss the cut). It’s crazy! That alone is $150 worth of balls for every player in a field. Normally the field is 156 players so that takes the total to $23 400 for one event! Now bear in mind there at least 45 tour events throughout the year taking that total to $1 053 000 for the year. JUST on golf balls and JUST on the European Tour. Incredible.

Move to the PGA Tour and more importantly majors and suddenly players will probably be getting 5 or 6 dozen balls per player. Then take into account brand new Titleist ProV 1 golf balls that each player can use on the driving range and around the practice greens and you’ve got 10’s of 1000’s. Imagine if a tour professional had to revolt and say “no ways, I am going to use a Pinnacle golf from here on”. I wonder how many beginners would love that and possibly buy more of them because one of their favorite players is actually using one!

I remember back in the day golf balls used to cost next to nothing and now it’s just surged almost out of control. Just madness

Well there is good news, most golf balls don’t cost that especially if you’re just starting the game of golf. Have a look at this review from Golf Assessor and find out the best golf balls for you as a beginner. Some quality offerings available for roughly $2 per ball, peanuts!

Starting a new passion – GOLF!

golf-new-passionOkay ladies and gents. I have some big news!

Not really, but I do have a new passion. Golf. Yes you heard me right. The guy that loves adventure travel and trekking has taken up the most mundane sport, hitting a little white around a huge field (ahem… course!) trying to get it into a ting hole.

But hear me out.

I tried playing golf about 20 years ago and completely hated it. Not only could I not get the ball off the ground, there were times that I couldn’t even make contact.

All that changed last week when I went to the driving range with a mate for the sole purpose of having a laugh. I should say that this mate is a rather good golfer (he plays off a 5 handicap, which at the time I thought was a bad thing, but apparently anything under 10 is good, and 5 and below is amazing).

Long and short of it is that we spent a few hours hitting balls and drinking beer, and with his close instruction I actually started making decent impact. Okay, I’m no Tiger Woods, but according to him I have a natural swing and my ball striking is really good for a beginner.

After the range I didn’t really think too much about the experience, but a couple of days later I felt a craving. I need to feel plastic hitting steel and watching a white bullet disappear into the distance. I gave my mate a call and we met up at the range again that evening.

This time I got 100 beginner golf balls for myself and started hitting. Whack! Thwack! Whack!

It was AMAZING! Super enjoyable.

Suffice to say I am hooked!

In fact I have already bought myself a driver, compliments of the reviews from Golf Assessor and I am looking at signing up to a public golf course in my area. I really need to get out onto a course and experience the real thing first hand.

I will be posting about my golf exploits here so look out for them!