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Environmental Policy Template – Secrets Unveiled

environmental-policy-templateWhen last did you have a look at your organisation’s environmental performance? Because you are reading this page you are probably thinking about that very subject now.

If so and you are stuck in terms of what you can do next to improve your environmental performance then the good news is that the best thing you can do now is write an environmental policy statement for you company.


Because an environmental policy statement will give you the steering on where you should focus your attention in terms of improving your environmental performance. Essentially an environmental policy helps steer your strategic direction.

More importantly though an environmental policy will help you become more competitive. No more avoiding tenders because you can’t respond confidently to the environmental questions. No more losing work because you can’t demonstrate your environmental credentials.

No, instead you will be in a good position to win and retain work with a robust environmental policy template. Moreover, an environmental policy can help you find inefficiencies in your business that will save you money. For example you will likely spot many energy and resource shortfalls that are costing you the bucks.

So what are you waiting for.

Get a piece of paper and start drafting your environmental policy.

Don’t worry it doesn’t have to be long. In fact it should only be one sheet of paper.

But it does need to have commitment from the whole organisation from the top to the bottom. You should include a clear statement on who you are as an organisation and what type of business you are involved in.

Also include an overall environmental objective that is supported by the actions you plan to take to monitor and measure and manage your environmental performance.

Outline any environmental legislation that you have to comply with and also state how your policy is communicates to staff.

Also sign and date the policy. This should be done by the CEO.

Here is a great guide which includes environmental policy templates and environmental policy examples. Check it out now.